Tuesday, March 31, 2009

at least two pair

"That's right. I found a girl who wears bamboo earrings, and yo, she owns three pair. Sexy type of hair cut, kisses me with her eyes shut, never too dramatic, and makes my chest go putt-putt. Stuttering and spittin, got everyone's attention. She smiles so casually, I'm pretty fuckin smitten. A ton of fun, we have, when we take drives to no where. We cuddle up close in movies and at times, I can feel her stare. It's really cool cuz no matter what we do, it's like, "I don't really care what I do, as long as I got you". She calls me by my name, and her name is like the breeze. She speaks softly to my ears, and her laughter echoes inside of me. Now what am I to state, to better sum up or equate, this..feeling that's so nice and new, every day spent like the first date, and...I feel as smooth as can be, no tongue's tied or clenched teeth. I like that I found a girl around the way that, walks to her own beat. This is her style, my style, we don't need to get wild, but our profile, is hella fly, we hella tight, the type to make the world jealous cuz you can't write... out, white out, or speak ill of what you don't know. Round the way? She's bound to stay, and I'm down to be around till she says, 'go'.I try not to get ahead of myself, but what's a boy to do when it's five past ten pm and he thinks about no one else? Huh."

I'm scared. I like the way he thinks.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Your a peculiar creature Created to make mistakes And then make more. Destined to love And be loved Drawn from his eyes Flawed from yours Indeed a peculiar creature.